Rhythm Pirates

If your child is considering competitive dancing, please read all information below and review together.

All dancers selected to the company must enroll in jazz, ballet, technique and corresponding company classes.  For example, if your child is chosen to the intermediate company, he/she must attend ballet, jazz and technique with their own age group as well as the intermediate team classes.  Team classes may be held on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evenings and quite often on weekends.  If your child is selected to more than one company, he/she may be required to attend more than one company class.

Attendance is of the utmost importance and   excessive absences will result in dismissal from the team.  There is a limited amount of absences allowed, whether excused or unexcused.  This includes all weekend, holiday and called rehearsals.  Please do not commit to company if you cannot give the time.  Company is demanding on your time and your finances.
All ballet, jazz and technique summer classes are required for company dancers if they are in town.  Company dancers are expected to work hard all year long.  If your child doesn’t want to come to summer classes, they probably aren’t serious enough to consider company dancing.

Company dancers must keep their tuition current. Fundraising may be done to help with the cost, but all studio tuition must be paid before fees can be applied to competitions or conventions.
We will attend at least 3 competitions during the year.  These are typically in the spring, but sometimes in late fall.  This will require usually 2 nights in a hotel and your expenses while there.  Convention/Competition fees run anywhere from $160 to $400 per event, depending on the convention and the number of routines your child is in.

Company dancers need costumes and corresponding shoes for each routine they are in.  These run anywhere from $55 to $85 per costume.   A $50 deposit per costume is due in September.   A team warm up is required for team members.  This runs around $100 and a $50 deposit for this is due in September as well.  There is a $100 company fee required August 15th for all company dancers.  August tuition will be determined once we have the rehearsal schedule set.  We will rehearse at least 3 days a week once school starts back in August.
Dancers selected to Christian Beasley’s routines will pay $125 for one routine or $180 if selected to both.  These routines will be learned the weekend of August 17 – 19.  Anyone unable to attend this weekend will not be eligible for his routines.  Only dancers age 10 and over are considered for these routines.
Production Hip Hop routine will be learned the week of July 9 – 13.  If you have a pre-existing vacation conflict you will be excused and will have to learn the routine later.  The cost is $25 per dancer (whether in attendance or not).

Required skills for Junior Company:  At least one split, chaine’, jete’, single pirouette, basic understanding of steps.  

Required skills for Intermediate:   All of above plus both splits, double pirouettes, second and switch leaps, good understanding of steps.                                                                                                                                                                

Required skills for Advanced:  All of above plus fouette’ turns, a la seconde fouette’ turns, switch second, excellent understanding of steps, placement, technique and musicality.

Please consider carefully if company dance is right for your child.  Company dance can be very rewarding and offer wonderful benefits to your child not only in the friendships they will develop, but also in the challenges they will face individually and in learning to work as a team.  I don’t want to discourage anyone from becoming involved in this type of dancing, but I do want you to understand exactly what you are getting into.